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March 2016

New Website

I am just getting the new website up and running! If you'd like to see more of my work you can always see it at for a wider selection in the meantime.

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My portfolio

This is a small sample of my more recent work. I will add a more comprehensive selection of photos as I can.

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My blog

I'm not currently taking the time to write a blog, but I may consider doing one in the future.

Interested in Photography?

I'm happy to teach a snippet here and there, but I highly recommend the photography classes at Pima Community College here in Tucson! (or your nearest local equivalent)

My photographic specialties.

Night Photography - Astrophotography - Star Trails - Long Exposures

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Nature Photography - Landscapes - Animal Photography

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Black and White Photography - Fine Art Prints

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Contact Me

I am currently based out of Tucson Arizona, very close to the University of Arizona. I am willing to travel to just about anywhere for work when given notice. Please contact me if you have any inquiries.
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